Mareesha Shan

Short, athletic and curvaceous, this dark eyed and dark haired Bassuri woman appraises everything she sees and seems utterly confident in everything she does.


Mareesha wears no armour, choosing instead to wear a silk and whalebone bodice (that also functions as a stiff leather chestplate) and close fitting britches; her high boots complete the ensemble, and she never feels fully dressed unless she has her 4 daggers and 2 scimitars on her person. Her blue headscarf stops her long flowing lustrous curls from getting in her eyes and she wears a small Sensu pendant around her neck at all times, along with golden earrings and other jewellery.

The Buxom Harlot is a sizeable 2 masted dhow, 30 metres long with lovely lines and surprisingly manoeuvrable given its bulk, and the typical lateen sail type. Her crew number 15, and they are a cheerful bunch of rogues, pirates and rascals.


Mareesha Shan is the Captain and owner of the Buxom Harlot. The ship had another name once but her cheeky crew dubbed it by a new more appropriate name, and after she cuffed a few ears and dunked a few backsides overboard she had to agree it was a much better name for her vessel, and so it has remained ever since. Her ship is her passion, and though men and women come and go, her vessel has always been true to her.

She hails from Bassur, and though proud of much of her heritage, she despises other parts; for example she hates slavery and does not do business with slavers, and she feels a degree of sympathy to the plight of the Cletians(who try to maintain their own culture in a way that the Bassuri did when they were an Imperial Protectorate and client state).

Strong willed and mercurial, she’s a pirate with a sense of style and also a sense of profit, and a small touch of honour if you dig deep enough. She also has an strong anti-authoritarian streak and refuses on principle to tell the truth to any port authorities (not least due to the shenanigans she and her crew get up to).

Mareesha Shan

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