Malvani Poppo

Short, stocky and bearded, this well dressed and burly man has pleasingly square strong features and dark brown hair. His dark eyes are steady and his walk is slow, measured and dignified.


Malvani Poppo is the oldest son and heir to Atenio Poppo, and a solid member of the Poppo House. A fine swordsman, keen hunter and a more than accomplished sailor and horseman, he is all that his 2 younger brothers are not. Also well regarded within the Senate (where he holds 2 of his own votes, earned himself no less) and a member of the Traditionalist Faction, though less caustic and confrontational than most.


Malvani Poppo is the apple of the eye of Atenio, despite having his own mind and occasional disagreements with his pushy father. He may not have the highest regard for his 2 younger brothers Cavilli and Fabrizzi, and is carefully neutral on the subject of his sister Altrude, but he understands his family ties and what duty expects of him. He is a spirited debater in the Senate, although nowhere near having the keen fire and spark of the Primasentra Dezzario, the ferocious demagoguery of his father or the measured oratory of Alando Ansprand, but he is viewed by many on all sides of the Senate as a man to watch out for.

He liked Cassio, though what his views are on him now after the young adventurers fleeing wedlock to Altrude are unknown. Unmarried, he is used in a similar manner by his father as Menia Ansprand is used by her father; an eligible child to bait allies and be the goodwill their Houses need.

Malvani Poppo

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