Maia of Turlavayne

Long flowing auburn hair, shapely yet slender frame, and possessed of stunning features like smooth creamy complexion, piercing green eyes, and amazing cheekbones and fine nose. Matchless, almost unearthly perfection.


Prefers modest yet flattering gowns and dresses, in seasonal colours that accentuate her colouring. Her every movement is a beautiful act of grace and her speech is by turns lively, sparkling, low or husky depending upon the moment and context. Easily the most beautiful mortal woman a person will ever hope to see.

She also naturally smells of wildflowers, a fresh natural fragrance that is never cloying.

In game terms her natural Dexterity is 20, her Power is 21 and her Appearance is 20, with master levels in Dance, Sing, Playing various instruments and Human Lore; her skills in Oratory and Fast Talk are also formidable.


A Courtesan of Turlavayne and a devout follower of The Silent Lady, Maia is young, effortlessly graceful, gracious and a figure of some mystery to those who may know of her. Very selective and careful in her choices of client, she knows hundreds of ways to please, whether it be sexual, musical, artful or conversational. If she wished it so, she’d be the toast of the Inner Sea and the object of desire of most men and quite a few women within it.

Maia is a Courtesan for she loves The Silent Lady and believes that by bringing love, passion and desire to many is the best way to exalt her deity. She is a romantic of course, and would love to find her perfect partner eventually, for in giving life to a child she shall fulfil one of the great joys and honours to her Goddess.

Update: Now no longer a Courtesan officially, for she has been wed to the Chivaux Gaston Puignon after the events of the wagon train to the Great Range and the events featuring the partys victory over the werewolf Thapsar the Skinchanger. Her handmaiden Dyminiqua remains by her side and shows little sign of leaving it, though her mistress hopes she finds love as well.

Maia of Turlavayne

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