A man apparently in his mid 20's, with long chestnut hair, strong handsome features and a lean muscular build that moves with an acrobats grace.


*Lomb is an old man indeed, and also the last living Initiate of Gyvreck. He lived his recent years in Keeill, but before that was an adventurer who travelled freely over much of the Inner Sea, and indeed some places may still remember his strong sword arm and doughty nerve. The years have taken their toll on him, and he had been living his final years in the village until word had been spread a couple of years earlier that the Gyvreck Sodality Cult was enjoying a resurgence. This has delighted him, and he has made regular trips to the temple, though he has of late been troubled by strange dreams and the nagging feeling that somehow something is not right and he is needed at the temple.

Self effacing in his dotage and benign, Lomb bears his years with dignity and grace.

*- Before the Miracle

Lomb now appears as he did in his pomp and prime, the result of the Gyvreck Miracle. He is now a fully invested Priest of the Badger God Gyvreck, perhaps a just reward for his fidelity and lifelong devotion to his deity.


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