Slightly shorter than average, thin with slightly bow legs, this young lad in his late teens is not handsome with big ears, a squint nose and squinting eyes. At least his teeth are good.


This young lad is not favoured by the Gods in looks or station, but he has a shrewd manner, an observant pair of (squinting) eyes and a nice smile that he shows often. Knows the city like the back of his hand and is extremely proud to be a House Servant to the Eloi.

Can use a club at a pinch, and a knife if needed, but his combat skills are limited to a sharp kick in the shins (or higher if he gets the drop on someone) and then a fair turn of speed.


Born in the Rookeries, he was an orphan early on and a ward of the Peleides District Ciha Infirmary and Orphanage. From 8 onwards he has been a servant to House Eloi and the various servants and slaves are like family to him. He worships Varediis, greatly admires Myrha and has a crush of late upon Thenaiis (what a shock). His other family as it were is the Glorious Blues Factio, where he spends some of his days off when not meeting like minded racing fans at his favourite caupona, The Victory Lap. Not a partisan, but definitely a keen and knowledgeable fan of the sport.


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