Medium height, toned physique and quick as a cat, this Altai warrior woman has a cheeky impudent face, cute button nose and a scar over her left eye. Her long dark hair is tied back in the traditional warriors knot.


Her horse has a lance in its holder, a couple of javelins in their case and a composite bow with a quiver of arrows. She wears Cuirboulli armour and has a dagger and a scimitar on her hips.


Kletka is a warrior woman, not unusual within the free thinking Altai. Second cousin to Szletko, she has annoyed a number of the males in the Szenzi clan and beyond for she shows no interest in marriage and child bearing. She makes no bones about her preference for women and likes drinking, womanising, fighting (especially against clan enemies like the Tarmaki and the Voyans) and improving her skills, not necessarily in that order.

Within the last few weeks she was involved in a skirmish with Tarmaki and slew 2 of them, one of whom managed to give her the scar above her left eye that she is so proud of. She is very proud of her clan, her family and her skills as a warrior, and knows exactly who she is. The Szenzi have enough women who bear children and become married, but they have only one Kletka is her reasoning.


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