Standing at a inch or two over 8 feet tall, this goliath has the head of a bull and body like a massively muscled humanoid, covered in dark fur. His glowering presence is quite intimidating to friend and foe alike.


Huge, in a word. His fur is dark, and he has steel tips he wears on his horns when he expects trouble. He often has a large axe (he uses it one handed) at his belt and a medallion around his neck of his divine patron the Storm Bull (an aspect of Satrom worshipped by his people). He smells musty, as one may expect an animal to smell, though it is not too strong or unpleasant. His clothing is often a leather kilt with hard wearing sandals, and he is not above putting on his breastplate and bracers for those moments when diplomacy and subtlety has failed.

He is a wily ship captain, straightforward and effective leader and possessed of a superb mix of shrewdness and impossible bravery. In battle he is surprisingly quick for such a bulky and massive figure, covering ground quickly and being quite adept at dodging and evasion. He does have the legendary Minotaur ferocity, and when he lets it loose (or it gets the better of him) he is almost unstoppable and terrifying in equal measure.

His voice is deep and rumbling, and his singing voice is surprisingly melodic (if a little basso profundo).


Karragas does not like to speak of his people or where he comes from, and though he may be drawn on matters of faith and religion (Initiate of the Storm Bull and Lay Member of Sensu), he says little else.


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