Kantarch Sarmaeon Loxava

Tall and broad shouldered, this imposing hard faced man has light brown hair cut in a short functional style and almond eyes that stare through whatever he sees from a strong jawed tanned face.


He wears the lamellar armour, 2 plumed helm and uniform of an Armavine Kantarch (commander of 100 soldiers), with a sword at his right hip and a long dagger on his left. As is to be expected of a long serving officer, he is a master swordsman, expert with unarmed combat and extremely competent tactically.


A career soldier from a well to do family in the city of Menai(6th city in the Empire), Sarmaeon is a proud and typically dedicated officer in the Armavine Legions, currently seconded to Marine duties aboard the Trireme “Valorous”. No nonsense, utterly devoted to the Empire, he is an Initiate of Perang as well as the Cult of Armanixes. He is fair to a fault, and if he has one failing it is that he has an aggressive lack of humour or tolerance when his beloved Empire, Legion, Deities and personal honour are mocked or slighted; as far as his men go, this isn’t a failing, it’s a virtue and completely laudable.

He has served alongside Zevgenya Altai in his early years as a young officer, and as a result has a high regard for the Altai in general. His views on Menetia are unprintable and his belief is that civilization stops at Ateliket. He is a great fan of the Chariot Races and follows the Blue Faction in Armarissa.

Kantarch Sarmaeon Loxava

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