Juvelan Accrestis

In his later years, this white bearded man with shaggy hair and grey eyes seems like a scholar, but his calloused hands and wind beaten features show that there is maybe more to him than that.


In a no nonsense tunic with light shoes, this figure of average height and stocky appearance has a long stride and a powerful far away stare. He seems unmoved by the cold and rarely wears a cloak or overmantle. His stare always seems haunted somehow, like it is fixed on a point in the distance.

Despite his nominally being a scholar, his demeanour is more like an adventurer and outdoors man than most other scholars a person would meet, and he seems more than capable of looking after himself, judging by the calloused hands, toughened knuckles and old faded scars in his forearms and legs.


Juvelan is a man of independent wealth and income, and lives the life of a scholar with a respectable mansion in the Ludata District, but his reputation (out of earshot) is of an eccentric if not demented chaser of myth and legend, “not a real man of learning”. His interests are on the Fading Peoples and other creatures of supposed myth. He gathers any snippets, accounts and documents he can over his pet subjects, but in these more enlightened times is largely alone in his devotions.

He was known to be an active adventurer in his youth but his late years now mean much of his information gathering is restricted to distant contacts and trips within the Empire. He was also a sculptor of no small skill in his early years, but this is largely forgotten now due to his overwhelming passion.

Juvelan first encountered the Fading Peoples when he had his life saved by a centaur in northern Menetia some years ago; he was being attacked by a group of Broo, and the centaur feathered all of them before they reached him. The centaur and he shared a long look of mutual appraisal before she turned about and disappeared into the forest, and she was lost to his sight in a few heartbeats. Juvelan wished to say something, anything to the creature but lacked the wit then and the reactions, but he still remembers the overwhelmingly sad and melancholy look on the centaur womans beautiful and alien face. Since then he has done what he can to build up a library of works on all the Fading Peoples, and in fairness to him it as extensive and good a collection of writing, sculptures and artifacts as could be imagined in a humans hands. He still remembers her face and form to this day, and in all likelihood left his heart in that cold Menetian forest many years ago. He has a bust of her in his main living area that he created when he returned home to the Empire, and it is amongst his treasured possessions.

He has seen a Healer recently, and has been informed that he has a cancer growing within himself; he likely has less than a year to live if that, and he feels that his life is not yet complete.

Juvelan Accrestis

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