Imparioi Katarivix Armavii

Of slightly less than medium height and slender, this blonde haired and hazel eyed young woman is magnificent, with a steady gaze and flawless patrician features and manner.


Grace and dignity personified, this young woman wears silks, satins and linens with equal elegance and style, and her deportment is proud and flawless. With keen wit and sharp tongue she can beat the best in conversation and diplomacy, and is every inch the Empress-in-Waiting. Her beauty is already the subject of some of the more forward poets and minstrels in the capital, and her voice has a crystal clear quality only enhanced by her cut glass Patrician diction.

It is also rumoured that her father has had her instructed in self defence, though few would say such a thing aloud. Her hands and wrists are slim and unmarked, so surely that cannot be true?


The only child of the union between Khelsine and Maranixes, she has numerous uncles, aunts, cousins and in laws as members of the Imperial Family, and likely keeps a close eye on whatever they are up to. She already has the adulation of the masses for to some she is like the image of Armanixes reborn, and upon her birth great portents were heralded by the Cults of Nerukata, Sensu and Armanixes. She also has a great passion for both the Chariots and the Colissea, further endearing her to the masses (though she cannot show favouritism lest the rival partisans act up).

Imparioi Katarivix Armavii

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