Medium height, medium build, wavy brown hair and brown eyes, utterly average in appearance. His clothes are functional and hard wearing, and he draws little attention in the smallest of crowds.


Ilwraith is a trapper used to travelling the wild and dangerous mountains of northern Menetia. He was captured by the Ogres and imprisoned, and surely would have come to a grisly end as an Ogreish main course had the party not saved his life. In grateful recognition of this he has enlisted the group in his bid to recover his cache of treasures hidden in northern Menetian ruins, giving them a 50/50 split.

Sadly, Ilwraiths intent was dishonourable from the beginning, intending to rob a Shen Holy Site and use a bunch of adventurers to get him safely there before he vanished with all the loot at his earliest convenience. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired and he ended up dead with an Elven arrow in his back, likely a swifter end than he would have enjoyed at the hands of the outraged party (especially the Altai).


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