House Captain Wachio Imprizzi

Thickset body, cropped fair hair and icy blue eyes, this man of arms seems capable and alert in his armour and livery of House Ansprand.


On a day to day basis he wears a bezainted hauberk in the House colours of Brown and Green, with thick leather bootgreaves, bracers and a pot helm of leather and metal. In more martial or dangerous times he dons a scale Hauberk with ring leggings and sleeves. His weapons normally are broadsword and buckler with dagger when out and about, but swapping the buckler for Heater shield and adding a 2 handed Longspear when the struggle is anticipated to be more dangerous. He also likes crossbows and can use them well enough, but he leaves such weapons to his men for the most part.


House Captain Wachio is the Primary Armsman to House Ansprand and in charge of all matters relating to defence of the family, their retainers, their goods and their chattels. He has served in the family for 10 years. He has a well drilled cadre of 20 Padihan House Guards all sworn to Ansprand and beyond that he has secured 30 Koltovaeran mercenaries along with their leader Varskyyr on a long term contract. He hires other mercenaries on a case by case contract for marine duties aboard the ships of the family. Dutiful and loyal to his House, he is uncaring of any perceived snobbery over his being a Padihan in armed service. He did serve for a time within the Padihan Army reaching the rank of File Leader (nco), and impressed Alando Ansprand sufficiently to buy his contract. Wachio’s File followed him into service with House Ansprand and since then he added wisely to their numbers looking for discrete and well trained men who offer good service.

House Captain Wachio Imprizzi

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