Horric Ducavar

Short and extremely broad, this black bearded and braided figure has dark eyes like coals and simple earthy toned clothing. Solid wrinkled features regard you with unreadable intensity.


He is a Dwarf, most likely the first any of the party have ever seen. When he leaves his shop or home (which is not often) he wears superbly crafted chain and carries a Warhammer, cleverly crafted buckler and the traditional dwarven repeating crossbow.


Horric is widely thought by the people of Tronkils Mines to be a crafter and merchant. He in no way dissuades them of this, and makes a great deal of money from making items and weapons on order, though he shares no dwarven secrets with anyone under any circumstances. He’s a sorceror as well, but this is not unusual amongst the dwarven folk. His mining expertise is even more important to the Mines. In person he is aloof and rarely warms to anyone, though he is polite and well mannered with it, unless someone is so foolish to be rude or try to buy dwarven secrets. That he doesn’t tolerate. It is known that the goods he sells and crafts are of extremely high quality, with armour being that little bit lighter and stronger, weapons being that little bit tougher and well crafted and little devices that little bit more sophisticated and efficient than that created by the best human crafters. He is not cheap though, and though he understands the odd human need to haggle, it is almost unheard of for him to budge once his price has been set.

Horric Ducavar

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