Honest Jon

A small wizened old man with lively sly eyes and a very wrinkled face. He sits in a wicker chair with wheels, pushed by a sombre young man called Weems.


This old Sorceror is frail seeming but with his mental faculties still very much intact. His age is old but uncertain, and his ethnicity hard to place.


Proprieter of “Honest Jon’s House of Bizarre Curios”, Jonatus Pelatinus is a shadowy and selective figure in the knick knacks and curios business; his prices are high, but all the better to avoid time wasters. If you are in his shop located down by the canal in the Three Canals district then you are there by invite and expected to buy something. His small coterie of servants are discrete and step lively when he gives his orders in a strange and as yet unknown language.

Honest Jon

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