Hiradus Varro

Medium height, slim and with neatly trimmed grey hair, this sharp featured man has a sharp penetrating gaze, a hooklike nose and a face permanently set in a frown at the world.


Keen of wit and possessed of enormous gravitas, this man walks with an impatient gait, as if his legs don’t move fast enough for him; sat down (and most people see him sat down), his movements are brusque and functional, with a thin biting voice. He appears to be in his 50’s. His clothes are normally a simple linen tunic, woollen overmantle and soft comfortable shoes that seem to have seen better days. He carries a small pen knife but no other weapon.

His temperament has been described as misanthropic, curmudgeonly, even constitutionally obnoxious and that would be a fair assessment; the only people he is less than unpleasant and rude to are his underlings (whom he is firm with) and his superiors whom he has great respect for (being as they are the Chancellor, the Imparioi and the Emperor). Almost everyone else in the world he looks down upon as lacking in moral fibre and morality. If he has any interests outside of his position and duties, nobody has discovered yet.


Hiradus Varro is the long serving (and long suffering) Consul of Quoria Propriety, a position of great importance who answers immediately to Chancellor Asceppius (who in turn answers directly to the Emperor). His role is to make sure the Quoria behaves itself, to investigate Quoriente wrongdoing and to appropriately punish (if punishment is needed) any guilty parties. To this end he has an office and quarters within the Vaunted Palace, but he spends as much time if not more at the large and sprawling Quoria Senate Building. He is a fair and by necessity an incorruptible official, and his biting tongue and acerbic manner are great indicators of his stern and uncompromising demeanour. A workaholic, he keeps his family away from the capital except for occasional visits (each of which he grudges, and the lack of frequency they impotently resent) so as to avoid distractions and the inevitable politicking and inveigling some Quorientes would attempt in using his family to try and influence him (fat chance). He has a contingent of the Prefectoi Urbanii’s men and women working for him (both uniformed and under cover) and all have been hand selected by him to serve. With his trusted right hand Mylos Dabarkian as his Chief Investigor/Enforcer and his trusted left hand Xanthos Daminus as his Chief Interrogator, he is the scourge of fools, traitors, criminals and general abusers of Quoriente privilege. He doesn’t make friends, despises sloth and lazy entitlement and he cannot abide grovellers (a shame in the lattermost point for he meets so many who grovel). He has a poor regard for almost all the Quoria and is roundly feared and disliked by almost all of them in return; this is something that Chancellor Asceppius wholeheartedly approves of, and with the favourable backing and support of the formidable Chancellor, he appears set to continue much as he has done so far.

Hiradus Varro

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