Harlan the Old Soldier

An older man in his 50's who has balding cropped hair, a lean build and surprisingly knotted muscle on his arms. His manner is that of an old sergeant and soldier, and a damned good one.


Harlan was a Sergeant in the Menetian Army, and that rarest of things, a Good Soldier in the Menetian Army. He swears freely, (especially when referring to current military and watch standards) drinks heartily and spends his days in The Sailors Haven complaining to all who are within earshot that the modern army is not worth the pee from his pizzle and that to a man the average modern soldier would soil himself if faced with a cripple armed with a slingshot (this is heavily paraphrased). Few argue the point, as the veracity of this is self evident.

He offers training in a mixture of weapon styles and types, speaks surprisingly well of the Shen (" Bloody good fighters them, we should enlist the bu**ers sharpish") and is a pious worshipper of Perang. A good man to have on your side, and very well regarded by the locals in the Sailors Haven.

Harlan the Old Soldier

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