Tall, heavily muscled with a bit of a belly, shaven headed, dark skinned and dark eyed, this eunuch of indeterminate years seems capable and implacable


Armed with a Great Shamsheer sword (2 handed sword) and clad in light flowing robes, this Bassuri seems a formidable foe and a solid ally.


Gurgad Abdazannine (to give his full name, Gurga for short) was born a slave and made a eunuch at an early age, the better to serve in the married section of a rich noblemans house in Bassur. When the nobleman was widowed and his children had grown up, the nobleman put him up for auction. Whilst travelling through Bassur Maia saw him as she passed the slavers block in the market and felt sympathy and empathy for the sad eyed man seemingly directionless and lost, and bought him. She freed him as soon as they arrived in Ateliket on the way north to Port Caros but the devoted and eternally grateful eunuch still stays with her as her physical defender from harm and is utterly committed to his kind charge, for she has shown him more kindness in the year they have been together than he has experienced in his whole life.


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