This urbane and elegant man is of medium height but very lean and lithe, with a merry twinkle in his eyes. Dark hair and eyes, with his tanned features quite angular, he exudes the air of being a wolf amongst dogs.


“Who, me? Oh, I’m nobody of significance. Surely there’s someone more important than my humble self you must have a great passion to speak to, is it not so? Has it come to this that a handsome and witty merchant of Padiha must endure your excess of scrutiny? Come, put your inordinate curiosity at ease and share a cup of the finest wine at a local caupona with me. In fact, I know a shortcut to one such place up this alleyway that should bring our parched throats some relief…”

A Merchant Banker from Padiha. That’s it. Just a money mover, seller of products and needful things to the public, that’s him. He cannot help it if the gods made him fair to look upon and blessed with charm, poise and yet so modest with it.


Tales from the Inner Sea AndyGlen