Fabrizzi Poppo

A man of average size and height, with light brown hair, worn foppishly long. His brown eyes sit in a well formed and handsome face, and he wears a rapier at his side.


Always well dressed, with much better style than his father or his brother Cavilli, Fabrizzi cuts a fine figure of a man out and about. A well regarded swordsman and a keen fan of the Padihan Green Factio House, he is the archetypal rake and shows little interest in mercantile matters, to the minor scandal of his father and peers.


Fabrizzi loves the Chariot racing and all the furore that surrounds it. He has fought several inter Factio House duels with success so far, and he has even been seen taking Charioteering lessons. All in all, a grave disappointment to his father and in imminent danger of being cut off and disinherited; he doesn’t seem to care and in all fairness he spends more time at the Greens Factio Compound and in the Gambling Halls than he ever does at home.

His views on Cassio barely register, though he is more than likely to understand the need to break free of parental expectations. It is likely glory rather than money that motivates him, and what use is a Padihan that thinks like that?

Fabrizzi Poppo

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