Tall, strong shouldered, with angular chiselled pale features and long jet black hair. His eyes are dark pools that draw your gaze and he repels, terrorises and fascinates in equal measure


No weapons about his person, and his silken clothing is translucent black and blue.

Exmaar is obviously an aristocratic member of whatever society or culture spawned him, and his manner is calm, mocking and sardonic at all times. Exmaar is a Brosengyn name, and extremely unlikely to be his true name.

All that is known of him (at least by the party) is what Varediis has come by and informed them.


Exmaar is the advisor and right hand to Krontarg of the Brosengyn Hordes and has been instrumental in Krontargs rise to pre eminence in the North West over the last 4 years. Capable of both monstrous subtlety and elegant acts of appalling bloodshed, he is more feared than Krontarg himself and no other commander or captain in the Brosengyn regions can claim such an accolade. What is known is that his physical strength is phenomenal, with one rumour claiming his throwing a half ton boulder at a charging horseman and slaying both rider and steed in one go. His magics are also reputed to be powerful, with his channeling some dark energies and evil spells. He is known to travel vast distances quicker than a man should and he always wears the same outlandish and alien clothing and never any armour.

From what he has inferred to the party, he may have engineered the death of Thapsar to become Krontargs sole influential advisor; as far as Varediis is concerned, whilst they are all safe for now from the Brosengyns and Krontargs reach, the world may have become that little bit more alarming and less safe.


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