Emperor Khelsine the Second of the Armavine Empire

A sturdy man of average height, strong build with short clipped brown hair, hazel eyes and a surprisingly open and honest face.


With surprisingly broad shoulders, slim waist and powerful arms, this Emperor-General has an easy open manner at times, wearing the silk and cotton robes of his august office. Helping with this is his surprisingly expressive face, which can smile as easily as frown. Though he is proper at all times in his dealings and completely respectable, he still wears a battered leather bracer on his left forearm and wrist no matter what else his clothing is at the time. Rough soldiers knuckles and hands often clasped behind him as he walks and stands, he commands a roomful of people without the need to raise his voice, though his parade ground bark is something his subjects and courtiers have good cause to beware of, indicating that his long fuse has run out with some unfortunate. A masterful swordsman, consummate tactician and strategist and a magnificent organiser and administrator, he is beloved of the military in particular, and admired by all, having the grudging respect of other heads of state, even Adilmar, King of Voya.

Still comparatively young at 45, he is in his prime of life and blessed with a keen intellect and strong amount of common sense.


The current Emperor of the Armavine Empire, Emperor Khelsine is of the much admired Macharius family and spent his early life as a soldier in the Legions, at 25 rising to become the youngest Tribunus of a Legion in recent history. He was born with the forename Sulla, but at 28 adopted the Royal name of Khelsine upon his marriage to Maranixes as was customary. His marriage to Empress Maranixes was reputed to be a love match, with her choosing him from a selection of eligible bachelors. A formidable Patrician, general and soldier with years of active service in the field, he was less polished than some of the more courtier like suitors but tellingly more admirable for it. He has borne the loss of his beloved wife with stoic countenance, and by all accounts looks forward to resuming his role within the military, most likely as the Tribunus Magna of the 1st Legion when he abdicates in favour of his Daughter-Heir, the Imparioi Katarivix. He maintains the bluff manner of a soldier when it suits him, but he has learned when to turn on the charm and majesty of his office when it suits.

He has a special place in his thoughts for the Twelfth Legion, given he was it’s Tribunus prior to his ascension to Emperor, and they have since adopted the title “The Emperors Legion” ( unofficially and affectionately named “Sulla’s Slayers” within the ranks). With this Legion he destroyed a barbarian army from the North East called the Forest Devils, and brought about the destruction of their fortress of Greenstone in a technically clever and accomplished siege, and it was this action that brought the Imperial eye upon him.

Emperor Khelsine the Second of the Armavine Empire

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