Slender and short with dark hair and deep blue eyes, this young woman is beautiful and alert, reminding one of a bird as she moves.


Clad in fine silks and linens, she carries a Dagger at her waist and a short sword across her back but has also been seen carrying a composite bow from time to time when out and about.


Dyminiqua is a body servant to Maia and is her eternal confidante, companion and friend, assisting her in her role as a Courtesan. Dymi (for short) also hails from Turlavayne and as the Body Servant to her mistress she sees to her needs, protects her as best she can and makes sure that a woman of Maia’s status is always attended to. A wholehearted follower of The Silent Lady as well, Dymi adores and reveres her mistress and there is nothing she would not do to protect her mistress and make her happy.


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