Din Dak Koro Tuk'Vo

Tall and muscular, lean with not one ounce of spare flesh on his body. His jet black hair is half gathered in a ponytail and the other half worn free, and his narrow features are serene, with unblinking emerald green eyes.


No armour at all is worn by this man, his only concession to clothing being a pair of winding leather leggings and shoes, a breechcloth and kilt arrangement that is split up the side and a very soft yet strong and waterproofed leather cloak he wears over his left shoulder. His leather baldrick harness is a marvellous thing designed to carry his weapons and a few small pouches; his weapons are a long 2 handed killing sword across his back, a short sword on his left hip and a broadsword on his right. All 3 swords curve slightly and have leather bindings on the hilts. He has a knife that is sheathed at the small of his back with the handle pointing left. He also has a pair of javelins with an atl atl that he carries in his left hand.

Physically he is tall and muscular, but his total lack of body fat means he appears much slimmer than one would imagine. His skin is the colour of ochre and his eyes an arresting emerald green. His features are long with high angular cheekbones in a manner quite pleasing to the eye, if somewhat alien in aspect. He very rarely blinks and looks directly at whatever catches his interest with no sense of propriety or embarrassment.


An outlandish and striking looking barbarian with a perpetually appraising eye on all he happens to be looking at.

Din Dak Koro Tuk'Vo

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