Nomadic hunter of the Szenzi clan (part of the Altai tribe).


A 22 year old male of 5’8" with long dark hair in a ponytail; 160lbs lean but well-muscled. Blue clan tattoos on arms and torso. Clad in chain + lamellar armour, topped with a fur cap. Brightly coloured ribbons and bandanna finish off the outfit.

Str 15; Con 14; Siz 12, Int 13; Pow 14; Dex 16; App 12
Has enhanced strength of 21 due to an enchantment.
The enchantment also bestows mystic vision.

Equipped with short spear and heavy mace, and a target shield.
Uses javelins when sitting astride a specially trained Altai horse.

Carries the Bow of Yearning, a magical bow given to him by Varedis.



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