Count Toderic de Sigabeaux

Handsome man in his late 30's with brown hair worn short and a fine moustache. Not massively built but wide shoulders and a swordsmans physique show his warrior credentials.


With fine woollen and linen clothing as day to day wear and wearing silks and satins for formal occasions, this man is obviously of some importance judging by the way he dresses, and he has a perpetually diffident manner that fools most people for the first time. His skills at the Chivaux disciplines are of course excellent and he is a keen player of chess, seeing it more as the struggle of the politic instead is merely as war.


The Diplomat and Ambassador for the Kingdom of Vardonne in Armarissa, the Count is a good friend of Count Civar de Ricard and now by extension also the King; in fact it was de Ricard who managed to secure the Armavine Ambassadorship for him, something he is grateful and indebted to him for. He is a clever man who masks his intelligence behind a casual and relaxed manner, and he greatly enjoys his work and time in the Empire. His wife Beatrix and his son and daughter Lothar and Soleil (18 and 15 respectively) are also in Armarissa, due to his extended time in the Empire; he has served 3 years so far and has a further 3 to go before he is likely to be recalled. His younger brother Walatha minds the family estates back in Vardonne.

A contingent of Vardonnais soldiers are quartered at the Embassy, numbering as they are 20 Chivaux and 60 Vigantes (all his sworn men). He has been busy investigating the Armavine military practices and likes what he has seen, and has been writing a detailed treatise on how to take the best of both to revamp some aspects of the Vardonne armed forces. He is reputed to be on good terms with the Emperor (who recognises a proper fighting man with intelligence when he sees one) and he is a frequent visitor to the Vaunted Palace, something that makes him the envy of other Embassies.

Count Toderic de Sigabeaux

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