Chancellor Asceppius Diotys

Extremely tall and thin man, of an old but indeterminate age; apart from a long white beard his hair is all gone and his brown eyes gaze out from an angular wrinkled face.


Clad in the ceremonial robes of the Chancellor, Asceppius has been the Head Eunuch of the Immaculatii for over 40 years, and the Chancellor for almost all of that time. He walks slowly, and leans more heavily each year upon his Staff of Office, though his mental faculties are still as sharp as ever. His organisational ability is matchless and his small army of Eunuchs bustle about, enacting his will and being his eyes and ears throughout the Palace (and even beyond). Within the Palace his word is law as only the Emperor and the Imparioi have more power and influence than he does. His long white beard is a surprising thing for a Eunuch to have but there you have it.

In person his voice is soft and low but with a rich timbre to it. His eyes are warm and his manner is like a strict but kindly grandfather. In no way does this lessen the wariness people have when in his presence, for in order to survive a lifetime within the Vaunted Palace and serve 4 Empresses and Emperors in that time one must be wise, astute, dedicated and above all ruthless.


Easily the oldest person within the Vaunted Palace, Chancellor Asceppius seems unstoppable by the passage of years, and his diligence in serving his Emperor or Empress and by extension the Empire is absolute. The third most powerful person in the Empire after the Emperor and the Imparioi, the great and the mighty tread carefully around him. His career in the Palace has seen the coming and going of no less than 4 Empresses and Emperors, and he served each of them as loyally as he could. A known Initiated devotee of Sensu and the Cult of Armanixes plus a lay member of the Cult of Nerukata, he is known to be an incorruptible man without vice and the most formidable and devoted servant to the Throne and Empire alive. He is accompanied by an Honour Guard of 10 of the Fist of Armanixes when he departs the Palace on rare external business, such is his status.

The Imperial Eunuchs, known as the Immaculatii are an order that has been within the Vaunted Palace since the Empires founding and are tasked to be the trusted and diligent administrators of the Palace and the personal servants to the Imperial Family. They always number 100 or less (never more) and since the time of Empress Armanixes are purely voluntary, accepting sincere applicants who must be proven to be under no coercion. The Enchanting Ritual that creates the Eunuch is performed by a Priest of Ciha, is painless and bestows some benefits, such as great longevity (most Eunuchs are hale and active until well into their 90’s and often longer), supernaturally sharp senses and a mystical understanding of sense beyond normal human ken; little gets by them, whether mundane or magical. Also, the tradition has it that their genitals await the Eunuch in the afterlife when they shall be whole once again to enjoy the pleasures sacrificed in this life. The Eunuchs live in comfort and have great respect within the Palace and indeed the Empire, and an attack on one of them is regarded as an attack on one of the Imperial Family.

Chancellor Asceppius Diotys

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