Cavilli Poppo

Short, squat and prematurely balding, this man has a fierce glare in his brown eyes, and wears extremely expensive and showy clothing. Has a goatee beard and light moustache, and his hair is in the short functional style.


Much less attractive and charismatic that his brother Malvani and without the machiavellian wit and cleverness of his father Atenio, Cavilli overcompensates by living the high life, whether with clothing, luxurious foods and wines and having a never ending bevy of attractive women on his arm at any given moment. He also has the same waspish temperament as his sister Altrude.


A younger son, and one not likely to thrive without family backing, he’ll be used in a lesser political marriage before long. He serves because of who he is and who his father is, rather than what he himself is capable of. This likely contributes to his sometimes sour demeanour.

Cavilli Poppo

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