Caprimal Tayjan

Sleek, tall and blessed with the classically fine regal features of the Armavine Patrician, this blonde man in fine silks and satins is the very essence of poised power.


Tall and slim, with exquisite taste in his clothes, this man exudes power and confidence. His clothes are the height of fashion, and his being in his 40’s makes him more handsome and distinguished, with only a slight silvering at his temples.


The Patriarch of the Tayjan Family, he is the Head of the Quorientes from Tarmella and wields no small power in that regard. He has a number of friends and allies, but not as many as he would like, for whilst he is respected for his part in the downfall of Varediis Eloi, it is not forgotten that until his exposure of the affair he was counted as a great friend and ally of Varediis, and he has been somewhat short on trust since then. Still, he has replaced Varediis in the primary role within Tarmella which is a position of no small power, and his shipping businesses and other concerns have grown handsomely since then.

His primary foe is Metellus Sambir, who is a minor thorn in his side, but a constant one. He would dearly like to acquire more of the Eloi business concerns and influences, but the clever and intractable Myrha Eloi has done a masterful job of thwarting him.

Caprimal Tayjan

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