Short, stocky and heavily tattooed, this man is craggy of face with shaggy hair, and a long feathered braid hanging from each temple.


Clad in a simple breechcloth and leather kilt, with leather leggings and shoes, this man wears no armour. His tattoos are many coloured and follow a single continuous design that starts at the corner of one eye and twist around his body to end at the corner of the other. His skin is weathered and tough. His weapons are a compound bow, one handed battleaxe and several javelins with an atl atl. A good dagger at his waist completes his weapons. His 2 hunting dogs accompany him everywhere and seem extremely well trained and disciplined. They rarely fight anything larger than themselves but can distract his foes and cause other problems to aid their master.


Brudagh is a savage and shows no interest in civilization or its benefits save the good quality axe, bow and dagger he owns. His faith he keeps to himself much like his council, but he seems very loyal to Marles Kingsmen and is their main scout. Quite how this tattooed tribesman from the Lonely Steppes has ended up so far from home amongst cultures his people cannot normally abide has never been explained, and if Brudagh chooses to say nothing on the matter, Marle will say less. Whatever else, animals seem to not mind this man and his way of leaving nothing of himself behind as he travels, coupled with his incredible feats of fieldcraft are a source of constant amazement to strangers and a source of pride to the Kingsmen; Brudagh doesn’t bother about either reaction, it’s just what he does.


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