A thin frame once tall, hale and hearty, this elderly man in simple tunic and clothes has little of his own hair left but still a wary smile and kindly alert brown eyes.


A tall stooping man at the very least in his 60’s and likely older, he wears simple clothes of a good cut in the livery of House Ansprand and he has a dagger at his waist, leaning on a cudgel that doubles as a walking stick. Quite dignified in appearance and possessed of the gravity and dignity possible only through experience and the passage of years.


Bisinus is the longest serving active Factor and retainer to the House of Ansprand and his wisdom and sense of business have been a great asset to the House over the years. For his part he is a loyal and pivotal member of the House, and his words of wisdom and kindness have been of great help to all in the House at one time or another. When the Gods take him to his rest, the House will be the poorer for it in fiscal as well as other ways.


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