Bilahkin Vetschza, The Sword of the East

Tall and muscular, with his long dark hair belled and braided, he has one eye almost black and his left eye is almost white. Handsome despite that.


Tall and wide shouldered, his narrow face is still handsome despite his unusual eyes and prominent nose. His chain shirt is decorated in his Clan Colours, and his leather leg and arm armour is dyed reddish brown, like dried blood. He wears a full face helmet of metal and leather.

His sword is a magnificent scimitar, well used and with a blade that shimmers with the quality of its workmanship.

It is hard to overstate the sense of reverence and regard that Bilahkin is held in by the Altai. No tribe or clan thinks ill of him and he is held up to be the greatest example of the Altai by his peers and fellow nomads.

He is accompanied everywhere by an honour guard of 30 hand picked Warriors from different tribes, each a hero and formidable warrior with their own glories and well known triumphs. As a group they are known as The Kazyr’Thetaii (Fearless Swaggering Fighters is the closest translation) and are almost as honoured as Bilahkin is.

The Shaman known only as Szhezarak Tikazcsi (Hordes of screaming spirits follow him) is his Clans Shaman and is also a legend, albeit one who doesn’t inspire the heartfelt loyalty of his Chieftain.


Bilahkin is the Chieftain of the Vetschza Clan of the Altai, and is perhaps the greatest living Altai Hero known of. His title, The Sword of the East was claimed at an early age when he led a number of tribes against a large Tarmaki incursion that outnumbered them by 3 to one. The Battle of Bitter Waters was a massive victory in the open war against the Tarmaki some 15 years previously, with his 5000 against some 15000 Tarmaki. The Vetschza are now regarded by many as the greatest Altai clan in terms of recent deeds, and they are unusual in that they have not raided or warred against any other Altai Clans for generations, saving their aggression for the Voyans and the Tarmaki Horse Lords.

His swordsmanship is legendary with him capable of amazing feats, and his horsemanship is impeccable, even amongst a culture to which exemplary horsemanship is the greatest aspiration. A hard and determined leader, cunning and adaptive general, loved by his people and hugely respected beyond, his appearance is normally a cause for fear amongst his foes and adulation amongst his allies.

Bilahkin Vetschza, The Sword of the East

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