Bastius Eloi

Slim young man with reddish brown hair and fine features; he looks nothing like his father and takes after his mother, but his surly scowl on his face shows he lacks her manner and grace.


Dressed in a bright red wool and linen tunic and wearing a red silken headscarf, this young man carries a shortsword at his side and a dagger under his left wrist. He knows a large repertoire of songs praising the Passionate Reds and damning the other Factio’s and needs little prompting to sing them along with his crowd of cohorts and fellow Red partisans. He is a so so swordsman but a practised brawler and knifeman, and he has been in a number of riots and street battles in defence of his chosen Factio.


Bitter and angry about the loss of a father and the cloud of disgrace and shame that surrounds House Eloi since, 19 year old Bastius has turned to a “family” he feels he can count on and the influences of peers who don’t judge him. To this end he is now a notorious Partisan of the Passionate Reds, a Factio well known for extremist fans and the having the rowdiest troublemakers (in part to make up for their being regarded as the least of the 4 Old Colours). He pays no mind to the needs of House Eloi, the duties expected of him by his family and instead stays out to all hours (if he even comes home) enjoying a wild and ferocious existence as a Partisan.

His mother Myrha quietly despairs of him, hoping that he shall eventually calm down and rejoin the family, as does his younger sister, and in fairness to the lad he is not irredeemable for he and his fellows have defended the Eloi townhouse from the attentions of insistent suitors from time to time; this is more in line with his anger and rage that these parasites are trying to take what is not theirs rather than any higher or more noble interest.

The boy has grown wild, rebellious and hot headed, and is also an Initiate of Satrom (somewhat unusual but there you have it) like many of the Reds.

Bastius Eloi

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