Bahar (The Dolt) and Pot.

A towering giant of a man with colossal shoulders, massive thewed arms and a very vacant expression on his homely face


Bahar is the largest and most powerful man in Santon and its surrounding area, the gods blessing him with a physique like a wargod. Sadly one of the gods has seen fit to bless him with an intellect only just above that of a reasonably smart dog. He came to the Big City of Santon (it’s big to him at any rate) from the country to make his fortune, but now between odd jobs props up the bar in The Sailors Haven, talking at great and to some people tedious length about his old dog called Pot he had in the country, hunting for rabbits with the aforementioned Pot (probably the brains of the partnership) and the time he won 5 Lara playing Blind Hookey. If a person actually treats him well, keeps their eyes open during his long shaggy dog stories and buys him the occasional drink, he proves to be a bosom buddy as loyal and friendly as a dog himself. He is completely devoted to Arran and especially Neria, and his presence goes some way to keeping the peace. He’s got a punch like an avalanche, a kick like a warhorse and a headbut that the wise do their absolute utmost to avoid. Thankfully his fuse is extremely long.

New Pot is a scruffy mongrel with a tail that never seems to stop wagging and she loves her new master as much as he loves her. They share any rabbits they catch 50/50, and they are a familiar sight in the Streets of Santon and the bar of the Sailors Haven.

Bahar (The Dolt) and Pot.

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