Atenio Poppo

Short and slightly overweight, this well dressed and well bejewelled man has balding dark hair, and pointed beard and deeply hooded eyes.


In satins and silks, Atenio Poppo would look flamboyant were he anybody else, but for all his money, power and influence he cannot buy the way to carry it off. His clothing states his wealth, but not his style.

His family pretty much own the township of Corvanti located in the warm valleys 70 kilometres south west of Padiha, and his townhouse is large and ostentatious.

He owns a fleet of 12 trading ships with 4 Biremes and 2 Monoremes as escort to them. He also recently donated 3 Biremes to the Navy of Padiha on a full time basis, something that has garnered him great kudos within the Senate.


Atenio Poppo is the very epitome of Padihan Old Money power and influence. A strong proponent of traditional banking and mercantile values, he and his family over the years have become wealthy with fingers and tendrils of influence, and he has viewed the rise of the Nieu Wierthi merchants and bankers with deep disdain. As a result his is a loud but so far marginalised voice in the Senate against the methods and policies of the current Primasentra, Dezzario. The fact that he is constantly outmanoeuvred by the wily leader of the Senate is a source of profound unhappiness to him, but he has influence and can still cause his Traditionalist allies to make their voices and influence felt.

He cannot stand Cassio and despises him for many many reasons, not least of which was the adventuresome Cassio fleeing the betrothal to his Daughter Altrude which he regards as a deep and inexcusable slight. He wouldn’t have Cassio murdered, if only because he needs the support of the little rodents father; that being said he’d laugh behind closed doors with glee if he heard of any misfortune befalling Cassio.

Atenio Poppo

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