Asturio D'Lorio

A slight man in his late 40's, he wears elegant yet functional clothing in the Padihan style and keeps his blonde hair neatly trimmed. His eyes are blue and alert.


Appalled by violence, Asturio is purely an intelligent and efficient money broker and middle man. He carries a small sharp knife but more for its use as a pen knife. His intelligence is formidable and he has a great reputation for unobtrusively going about his business.


Asturio is a broker and middle man for a number of clients and portfolios including Cassio. He charges a very reasonable %5 fee from his clients and is regarded as being shrewd and surprisingly incorruptible. He has a pleasant house with a view of the sea, and employs several servants to maintain it. He has a wife and 2 children (2 girls in their teens), but rarely sees them due to the time he spends at work.

Asturio D'Lorio

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