Arroyo De Zema

A tall and athletic warrior in fine leather and metal armour, whose handsome features are framed by long brown hair in braids.


Wears the leather, courboulli and scaled armour of a Turlavaynian Knight, armed with the standard weapons of his land, namely Broadsword, Spear, Kite Shield and Longbow. He is skilled with all of them and counts none his favorite.

Skilled also in courtly and romantic ways, he cuts a handsome figure of a man and it is obvious in word and deed he reveres and adores all women, and through them his divine patron, of whom he is an Initiate in good standing.


A Knight of Turlavayne, this pious follower of The Silent Lady serves in the Embassy of his people in The Armavine Empire. He befriended Cassio during a mission to liberate an old religious text showing old long forgotten mosaic patterns from a band of sinister and quite frankly unpleasant types, and since then they count one another as friends.

Arroyo De Zema

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