Amikka Zevgenya Ziisk

Lean, wide shouldered and tall, she wears the uniform and armour of a Zevgenya Altai warrior with easy swagger, and her high cheekboned and attractive face is tanned and framed by dark brown braids.


Her light lamellar armour and open helmet are Imperial Standard issue, but her clothing and tunic worn under and over it are colourful, being a red and blue colour. Her ribbons and sashes are of the same colour, and her braids have red and blue thread laced through them. She has an amulet of the Empress Armanixes at her throat, but also red and blue dots tattooed along her right jaw and up to her temple indicating her adult initiation into the Zevgenya Clan by her Shaman. Even without makeup or cosmetics she is a striking attractive woman with strong features, made all the more so due to her braided hair and facial tattoos.

Her horse, a great Altai mare is barded with light lamellar and leather, and her nomads saddle has a compound bow, 25 arrows, 3 javelins, a lance and her hand weapons of a Battleaxe and Scimitar accoutred upon and around it. There is also a long brass horn that hangs within a bucket scabbard, showing her role within her company as the Trumpeter.


Amikka is a Zevgenya Altai, a warrior of her people and also a soldier within the Legions of the Armavine Empire. She is proud to be a Trumpeter, a position of honour and respect on a par with a Signifer (standard bearer). She is a committed career soldier, loyal friend and clanmate, and also an Initiate of the Cult of Armanixes, as well as still holding to the honouring and respect due to her tribal shaman. She is attached to the 17th Legion and has seen active service along the southern border against threats from the Caphaleian Expanse and also along the north eastern borders against border savages.

Amikka Zevgenya Ziisk

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