Altrude Ansprand (nee Poppo)

Short and extremely curvaceous, with an hourglass figure and long raven tresses. Her features are luscious but with an occasional sour look to them.


Wearing the best of modern fashions and wearing them well, this young woman exudes an air of inherited wealth and idle richness. Undoubtedly attractive and possessed of a magnificent figure, there is still a sense of deep gnawing anger within her and a feeling that she must compete with everyone she meets.


Altrude is the youngest child and only daughter of Atenio Poppo. He dotes on her and in all truth he spoiled her from her birth to her marriage to Pitero Ansprand. She is a jealous, possessive and spoilt madam, who now has the bitter knowledge that she has had to settle for what she sees as second best for a husband. She leads a coterie of society ladies she has dubbed “The Wolfpack” who hang on her every word and compete for her friendship with various forms of social cutting, snobbery and appalling character assassination. Menia Ansprand has referred to them as “The Sluts Mutts”, a name that has unfortunately stuck amongst the lower orders, though few would say it within earshot of Altrude, her friends or her guards.

Altrude Ansprand (nee Poppo)

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