Alando Ansprand

Tall and sturdy man with dark hair neatly trimmed and a small beard, also trimmed. A haughty look of privilege is on his handsome yet severe features.


In his late 40’s, this man wears expensive and conventional tunic and clothing with a dagger at his waist. His rings and jewellery state his wealth, but in an understated way.

Extremely wealthy, and holds land in the ancestral township of Sadino 40 kilometres west of Padiha as well as the townhouse and mercantile holdings within Padiha itself.

Also a fleet of 4 trading vessels that ply trade along the coasts between Padiha and the Empire. He has 2 Galleys (monoremes) that act as escorts and supplementary traders as well.


The father of Cassio, and the Patriarch of House Ansprand. He’s proud, conservative (bordering on the reactionary) and disapproving of change, yet he is no fool nor is he stupid. Severely handsome though his hairstyle and type of beard do not soften his hawklike look. He strongly disapproves of his son, and is incensed at Cassio’s decision to skip town to avoid marrying Altrude Poppo.

He is very aware of the differences in class and status between his family and “lesser people” and expects underlings to be just that.

Alando Ansprand

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