Adileii Qamasque

Middle aged with thinning dark hair and brown eyes, this patrician manages to look dignified and proud in almost any circumstance.


Skilled in the varied arts associated with a Quoriente of the Empire (One of the Quorientes involved in the armourers trade no less), Adileii is a useful person to get on the good side of, and a bad one to get on the wrong end of.


Husband to his wife Cistii, father to son Tajus and daughter Olanna, Adileii is the Patriarch of House Qamasque (which hails from the city Mor to the west of Armarissa) and his family have long been associated with both the Quoria and also the armaments industry. Betrayed and abducted by villains in the service of the Night Goddess Neraka, he is angry and wishes to find these traitors to the Empire and Humanity (in that order) and have them punished beyond the limit of human endurance and mercy; anything less would just not be Imperial.

Adileii Qamasque

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