• Abbas Jalil

    Abbas Jalil

    Bassuri - Sailor - Age 22
  • Bucephala Clangula

    Bucephala Clangula

    Young, loquacious and full of wonder. Not pretty, but glib all the same.
  • Cassio of Padiha

    Cassio of Padiha

    The features of a dashing Merchant Prince. Inquiring eyes, and all that Italian shennanigans that women croon after. Classic Roman features. Cool linen overmantle with hood over full leather armour. Regards himself as a Merchant Adventurer.
  • Czerlai


    Nomadic hunter of the Szenzi clan (part of the Altai tribe).
  • szletko


    Nomadic horseman noble. Swarthy 5'7" long black hair tied in a pony tail,blue totemic tatoos on torso and arms. Wears bold colours
  • Abdel


    A very handsome well built man, long fair hair and bright blue eyes. His aura of piety and holiness is evident, and a welcoming smile is never far from his face.
  • Adeline Kothui

    Adeline Kothui

    A tall athletic looking woman, with jet black hair, blue eyes and fine pale features. There is a slight quirk of a smile on her lips, which occasionally changes to a frown if annoyed.
  • Adileii Qamasque

    Adileii Qamasque

    Middle aged with thinning dark hair and brown eyes, this patrician manages to look dignified and proud in almost any circumstance.
  • Alando Ansprand

    Alando Ansprand

    Tall and sturdy man with dark hair neatly trimmed and a small beard, also trimmed. A haughty look of privilege is on his handsome yet severe features.
  • Altrude Ansprand (nee Poppo)

    Altrude Ansprand (nee Poppo)

    Short and extremely curvaceous, with an hourglass figure and long raven tresses. Her features are luscious but with an occasional sour look to them.
  • Amikka Zevgenya Ziisk

    Amikka Zevgenya Ziisk

    Lean, wide shouldered and tall, she wears the uniform and armour of a Zevgenya Altai warrior with easy swagger, and her high cheekboned and attractive face is tanned and framed by dark brown braids.
  • Arran the Innkeeper.

    Arran the Innkeeper.

    Mid forties and kindly, his stout frame and square solid features inspire confidence.
  • Arroyo De Zema

    Arroyo De Zema

    A tall and athletic warrior in fine leather and metal armour, whose handsome features are framed by long brown hair in braids.
  • Asturio D'Lorio

    Asturio D'Lorio

    A slight man in his late 40's, he wears elegant yet functional clothing in the Padihan style and keeps his blonde hair neatly trimmed. His eyes are blue and alert.
  • Atenio Poppo

    Atenio Poppo

    Short and slightly overweight, this well dressed and well bejewelled man has balding dark hair, and pointed beard and deeply hooded eyes.
  • Bahar (The Dolt) and Pot.

    Bahar (The Dolt) and Pot.

    A towering giant of a man with colossal shoulders, massive thewed arms and a very vacant expression on his homely face
  • Bastius Eloi

    Bastius Eloi

    Slim young man with reddish brown hair and fine features; he looks nothing like his father and takes after his mother, but his surly scowl on his face shows he lacks her manner and grace.
  • Belladonna


    Long raven tresses, flawless peachlike skin and deep blue eyes like limpid pools. A truly priceless and magnificent looking woman
  • Bilahkin Vetschza, The Sword of the East

    Bilahkin Vetschza, The Sword of the East

    Tall and muscular, with his long dark hair belled and braided, he has one eye almost black and his left eye is almost white. Handsome despite that.
  • Bisinus


    A thin frame once tall, hale and hearty, this elderly man in simple tunic and clothes has little of his own hair left but still a wary smile and kindly alert brown eyes.
  • Bregg the Snitch

    Bregg the Snitch

    Small scrawny and slightly threadbare looking, this man of indeterminate years reminds you of a particularily shifty ferret.
  • Brudagh


    Short, stocky and heavily tattooed, this man is craggy of face with shaggy hair, and a long feathered braid hanging from each temple.
  • Burnalle, the Weasel.

    Burnalle, the Weasel.

    Slim, small boned and very sallow skinned, this pinch faced man looks perpetually ill and sour of nature. His dark hair is short and unimaginatively cut.
  • Burrenos dol UrKhaigen

    Burrenos dol UrKhaigen

    Medium of build and height, this brown haired and blue eyed young man is softly spoken, considered of thought and alert of gaze.
  • Caliko


    A short stocky clean shaven man with collar length dark hair and dark eyes. His clothes are baggy and loose flowing allowing quick movement, and a number of daggers and knives are scattered about his person.
  • Caprimal Tayjan

    Caprimal Tayjan

    Sleek, tall and blessed with the classically fine regal features of the Armavine Patrician, this blonde man in fine silks and satins is the very essence of poised power.
  • Cavilli Poppo

    Cavilli Poppo

    Short, squat and prematurely balding, this man has a fierce glare in his brown eyes, and wears extremely expensive and showy clothing. Has a goatee beard and light moustache, and his hair is in the short functional style.
  • Ceressa ami UrKhaigen

    Ceressa ami UrKhaigen

    Slightly shorter than average height but with an athletic and toned frame, this young woman is ever alert with deep blue eyes and a girlish face.
  • Chancellor Asceppius Diotys

    Chancellor Asceppius Diotys

    Extremely tall and thin man, of an old but indeterminate age; apart from a long white beard his hair is all gone and his brown eyes gaze out from an angular wrinkled face.
  • Chivaux Gaston Puignon

    Chivaux Gaston Puignon

    Tall, very muscular and fair haired, with hazel eyes. His features are pleasant, homely and normally set in an affable expression of obliviousness.
  • Count Civar de Ricard

    Count Civar de Ricard

    Burly, strong and grizzled, this warrior noble has the scarred countenance and build that reminds one of a bear, yet with poise and manners.
  • Count Toderic de Sigabeaux

    Count Toderic de Sigabeaux

    Handsome man in his late 30's with brown hair worn short and a fine moustache. Not massively built but wide shoulders and a swordsmans physique show his warrior credentials.
  • Cruella Vullen

    Cruella Vullen

    Tall, slim and astonishingly beautiful, with long straight dark hair only marred by a streak of white at each temple. Her pale skin is flawless and her dark eyes promise cruelty and delight in equal measure.
  • Din Dak Koro Tuk'Vo

    Din Dak Koro Tuk'Vo

    Tall and muscular, lean with not one ounce of spare flesh on his body. His jet black hair is half gathered in a ponytail and the other half worn free, and his narrow features are serene, with unblinking emerald green eyes.
  • Donal


    Of medium height, this man has the features of a demi god, manly perfection and incredibly handsome. His wavy fair hair and amber eyes makes many a heart swoon.
  • Dyminiqua


    Slender and short with dark hair and deep blue eyes, this young woman is beautiful and alert, reminding one of a bird as she moves.
  • Emperor Khelsine the Second of the Armavine Empire

    Emperor Khelsine the Second of the Armavine Empire

    A sturdy man of average height, strong build with short clipped brown hair, hazel eyes and a surprisingly open and honest face.
  • Exmaar


    Tall, strong shouldered, with angular chiselled pale features and long jet black hair. His eyes are dark pools that draw your gaze and he repels, terrorises and fascinates in equal measure
  • Fabrizzi Poppo

    Fabrizzi Poppo

    A man of average size and height, with light brown hair, worn foppishly long. His brown eyes sit in a well formed and handsome face, and he wears a rapier at his side.
  • Fybialtes


    A dark skinned man, with well groomed and oiled beard, dark clever eyes and as thin as a fencepost. His clothes are practical but well made, and he gestures freely with his right hand when he speaks.
  • Goncalvio


    This urbane and elegant man is of medium height but very lean and lithe, with a merry twinkle in his eyes. Dark hair and eyes, with his tanned features quite angular, he exudes the air of being a wolf amongst dogs.
  • Gurga


    Tall, heavily muscled with a bit of a belly, shaven headed, dark skinned and dark eyed, this eunuch of indeterminate years seems capable and implacable
  • Harlan the Old Soldier

    Harlan the Old Soldier

    An older man in his 50's who has balding cropped hair, a lean build and surprisingly knotted muscle on his arms. His manner is that of an old sergeant and soldier, and a damned good one.
  • Haskull the Sage

    Haskull the Sage

    Cranky and crotchety septeganarian with a bald pate and straggly beard. He is the so far living embodiment of miserable old coffin dodger.
  • Hiradus Varro

    Hiradus Varro

    Medium height, slim and with neatly trimmed grey hair, this sharp featured man has a sharp penetrating gaze, a hooklike nose and a face permanently set in a frown at the world.
  • Honest Jon

    Honest Jon

    A small wizened old man with lively sly eyes and a very wrinkled face. He sits in a wicker chair with wheels, pushed by a sombre young man called Weems.
  • Horric Ducavar

    Horric Ducavar

    Short and extremely broad, this black bearded and braided figure has dark eyes like coals and simple earthy toned clothing. Solid wrinkled features regard you with unreadable intensity.
  • House Captain Wachio Imprizzi

    House Captain Wachio Imprizzi

    Thickset body, cropped fair hair and icy blue eyes, this man of arms seems capable and alert in his armour and livery of House Ansprand.
  • Ilwraith


    Medium height, medium build, wavy brown hair and brown eyes, utterly average in appearance. His clothes are functional and hard wearing, and he draws little attention in the smallest of crowds.
  • Imparioi Katarivix Armavii

    Imparioi Katarivix Armavii

    Of slightly less than medium height and slender, this blonde haired and hazel eyed young woman is magnificent, with a steady gaze and flawless patrician features and manner.
  • Juvelan Accrestis

    Juvelan Accrestis

    In his later years, this white bearded man with shaggy hair and grey eyes seems like a scholar, but his calloused hands and wind beaten features show that there is maybe more to him than that.
  • Kantarch Sarmaeon Loxava

    Kantarch Sarmaeon Loxava

    Tall and broad shouldered, this imposing hard faced man has light brown hair cut in a short functional style and almond eyes that stare through whatever he sees from a strong jawed tanned face.
  • Karragas


    Standing at a inch or two over 8 feet tall, this goliath has the head of a bull and body like a massively muscled humanoid, covered in dark fur. His glowering presence is quite intimidating to friend and foe alike.
  • Kerrek


    A tall burly man with short dark hair and sallow hollow cheeks. His natural grace implies his fighting competence, and his eyes are cold and dark.
  • Ketael Minal

    Ketael Minal

    Short, well built and very handsome, with long curling golden hair, brown eyes and chiselled features, this scale armoured man bears a longspear over his shoulder and a corinthian helmet pushed back on his head.
  • Kletka


    Medium height, toned physique and quick as a cat, this Altai warrior woman has a cheeky impudent face, cute button nose and a scar over her left eye. Her long dark hair is tied back in the traditional warriors knot.
  • Klytes Avenicus

    Klytes Avenicus

    Short, slight sparrow like man, with white hair, twinkling brown eyes with deep laughter lines and a splendid white moustache.
  • Linus


    Slightly shorter than average, thin with slightly bow legs, this young lad in his late teens is not handsome with big ears, a squint nose and squinting eyes. At least his teeth are good.
  • Lomb


    A man apparently in his mid 20's, with long chestnut hair, strong handsome features and a lean muscular build that moves with an acrobats grace.
  • Maia of Turlavayne

    Maia of Turlavayne

    Long flowing auburn hair, shapely yet slender frame, and possessed of stunning features like smooth creamy complexion, piercing green eyes, and amazing cheekbones and fine nose. Matchless, almost unearthly perfection.
  • Malvani Poppo

    Malvani Poppo

    Short, stocky and bearded, this well dressed and burly man has pleasingly square strong features and dark brown hair. His dark eyes are steady and his walk is slow, measured and dignified.
  • Manco


    A hale and burly man, dark haired and pleasant looking.
  • Mareesha Shan

    Mareesha Shan

    Short, athletic and curvaceous, this dark eyed and dark haired Bassuri woman appraises everything she sees and seems utterly confident in everything she does.
  • Marle Turgada

    Marle Turgada

    Tall and rangy mercenary, shaved head and craggy features. Looks to be in his late 40's and flinty eyed.
  • Martaz Zevgenya Zaasik

    Martaz Zevgenya Zaasik

    Wide shouldered, slim hipped and possessed of long lean limbs, this man in his late 20's is breathtakingly handsome with the faded scars on his jaw, cheek and body merely adding contrast to the perfection.
  • Menia Ansprand

    Menia Ansprand

    Slender and tall woman with flowing fair hair and blue eyes; her beauty makes one stop a moment, and her eyes hold you beyond that.
  • Mercio


    Extremely tanned, wiry and short, this dark haired and dark eyed man can be deceptively quick and agile and also amazingly indolent, depending on the moment.
  • Metellus Sambir

    Metellus Sambir

    Fat, stocky and possessed of a ponderous slow gait, this fair, curly haired man has a genial smile, an easy manner, and cold green eyes that don't always smile when his mouth does.
  • Mitualla Cybella

    Mitualla Cybella

    Willowy slim and pale, this woman is ethereal seeming with flowing long golden locks and blue eyes coloured like a mountain lake. Her slim and narrow features are delicate and almost like porcelain.
  • Mylos Dabarkian

    Mylos Dabarkian

    This shaven headed and solid man is possessed of a heroically ugly and homely face, which a scar down his cheek and a nose broken several times have not helped.
  • Myrha Eloi

    Myrha Eloi

    A woman with long curling reddish brown hair and clear blue eyes, she is very attractive and clear skinned
  • Neria.


    Mid forties, smiling and genial, she has a slim build and patient demeanor.
  • Palidus Marcorius

    Palidus Marcorius

    Slim and of medium height, this fellow has a great serenity and grace about him, and oddly androgynous features. His brown eyes are calm and peaceful and his hair is worn long and in a number of different styles.
  • Patch


    Short and slim man of indeterminate ethnicity, with shaggy shoulder length hair and topaz blue eyes. His features are pug nosed and more cute than handsome.
  • Pitero Ansprand

    Pitero Ansprand

    Tall, strong looking and dark haired, his proud features are handsome but lack warmth. His intense dark eyed gaze looks you over once and then discounts you.
  • Rodelinda Ansprand

    Rodelinda Ansprand

    Slender woman, short with long golden hair and deep blue eyes. Very beautiful and a quiet demure manner. Her eyes look steady though.
  • Roeland the Vigante

    Roeland the Vigante

    Short, broad and in his 30's, this veteran warrior in his wine coloured brigandine, a sword girt at his side and a formidable polearm looks like a man ready for trouble.His hair is brown, short and greying, as is his well trimmed beard
  • Sara


    Short and slender, an amazing figure, with lovely reddish gold hair, delicate elfin features and haunted deep blue eyes.
  • Saressa Valley-Born

    Saressa Valley-Born

    Tall and lean, this supremely handsome fine featured man walks with surety and lithe grace, all evidence of supernatural parentage.
  • Selii


    An old, old woman with tangled and matted grey and white hair that was once dark. Her eyes are like glittering flinty black stones, and her skin is wrinkled and lined from a hard life free of civilization.
  • Shurmasskhah


    At a couple of inches below 6 feet and a posture of hunched power, this Orc has a clever cast to his features,with shoulders and arms that resonate with power and bunched muscle.
  • Skaftor the Diseased

    Skaftor the Diseased

    You think it's a man; it certainly has legs, but by the good gods his stench makes your eyes water and amongst his dirt and rags you think you see a metropolis sized colony of fleas who couldn't be happier.
  • Solimara


    Tall and slender with easy grace and a slight swagger, this woman with dark hair and dark eyes is pretty, alluring and possessed of a saucy smile.
  • Staskia Salamanese

    Staskia Salamanese

    Rangy and lean woman with corded sinewy muscle on her arms and legs, dark hair in a pixy crop and brown eyes that are narrow and show little emotion.
  • SunFather Leyontus Markiiz

    SunFather Leyontus Markiiz

    Of middle years, this Priest of Nerukata is a lean ascetic with a narrow face and surprisingly warm brown eyes. His Sunspear of office is never far from his hand.
  • Sunfather Militant Ascaus Medrenna

    Sunfather Militant Ascaus Medrenna

    A mighty limbed and broad shouldered goliath of a man, with his fair hair cropped short.His eyes are grey and steely, but softened somewhat by his quirky crooked smile.
  • Szumasz


    Dark hair long and wildly braided with bones rattles and copper wire wound through it, this man in his late 20's is a fierce looking individual, with his brown eyes always seeming wild and out of focus.
  • Tarrisius Verdaska

    Tarrisius Verdaska

    With a solid square face, trimmed beard, fair hair and steely grey eyes, this patrician is strong, proud and very sure of himself.
  • Taturii Asamakiiro

    Taturii Asamakiiro

    A tall athletic woman with long red hair, amber eyes and a strong attractive face; her expression is stern and her manner is proud and hard to read.
  • Thapsar the Skinchanger

    Thapsar the Skinchanger

    This wild looking man is powerful, ugly and bearded with silvery hair and odd eyes that seem to glimmer in the dark. He appears wrong and feral, as if always on the brink of atrocity.
  • The Hermit of the Tree

    The Hermit of the Tree

    Old and slim but certainly not frail, this bearded recluse has the odd tattoo and foci visible on his person. His eyes are full of almost limitless wisdom, if you could only bring yourself to look in them.
  • Thenaiis Eloi

    Thenaiis Eloi

    Short, slender and possessed of her mothers red hair and blue eyes, this young rare beauty walks with poise and grace.
  • Torsil the Major Domo

    Torsil the Major Domo

    Slim, close cropped yet stylish hair, this smooth cheeked man with a calming easing manner always seems poised and unflappable, and he hears everything you say and don't say.
  • Trienus


    A tall thin faced woman in wool and cotton clothing, with long fair hair gathered up in a pile with pins. Brown eyes with slight crows feet.
  • Tybaltius (The Silent).

    Tybaltius (The Silent).

    A man of average height but strong build with warriors callouses on his powerful hands and scars on his arms. His eyes are cold blue and his short fair hair is greying.
  • Tycho


    A man of medium height with massive shoulders and the calloused and burnt hands of a smith. His hair is kept short and appears to be in his 30's.
  • Varediis Eloi

    Varediis Eloi

    A stolid stocky man of medium height and middle years, his features are undeniably patrician with a strong nose, steady brown eyes and functionally cropped dark hair. His arms and upper body are traced with many scars both fine and deep.
  • Varrax Pyrofer

    Varrax Pyrofer

    A huge Dragon, all sinuous muscle with bronzed reddish scales, dark deep eyes like jet and a long horned head, and you swear it has a perpetually amused expression on it's face..
  • Varskyyr Thomakarn

    Varskyyr Thomakarn

    Towering and heavily muscled barbarian someone had the bright idea of putting in scale armour. Long braided blonde hair, lantern jawed, with cold grey eyes and unusual tattoo on forehead.
  • Velyn


    Medium height though skinny, this man has long dark hair, brown eyes and thin but attractive features. He wears light armour under his cloak and a rapier sits on his hip.
  • Warden Alory Loarin

    Warden Alory Loarin

    A fat piggy eyed cherub faced bald man with the foppish manner and spoilt nature of the terminally well born. His fabulous clothes and jewellery explain the poverty of Santon quite eloquently.
  • Willett


    A craggy faced farmer, lean built and stolid as the day is long. Slow of speech and slow of movement, he views everyone with taciturn goodwill.
  • Xanthos Daminus

    Xanthos Daminus

    An unassuming man of middle build, middle height and a mild clean shaven face. You'd think he was ordinary until you look into his brown eyes, and then you realise his stare is unsettling and quite frankly uncomfortable.