Tales from the Inner Sea

On money and how quickly an adventurer can spend it

Abbas Jalil has much to do, with a quick meeting to attend with Thenaiis Eloi over possible ideas on more recruitment opportunities; the Eloi have little to offer in that regard she states as they have not been able to properly acquire the correct guard and men at arm licences for years due to political enemies blocking moves in the Quoria. She does suggest checking with the Temples of Satrom and Perang where out of work soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers (who happen to be Initiates of the same gods) congregate. He thinks on this and visits the Temple of Perang whilst en route to the Ludata District and his meeting with Metellus Sambir and Tyrus over the sale of The Dwarven Book and The Cletian Tome. He speaks to a WarFather of Perang about possible recruits for The Wyrm Peaks quest, and the Priest advises he shall ask around and see who might be interested. Abbas thanks him and departs on his other errand. Once at Metellus’, he manages to sell the Dwarven Book for the princely sum of 500 Ames, and has a tentative offer of 350 Ames for the Cletian Tome; as the deal for the Cletian book is not likely to be formally finalised by the Ludata finance committee for some time, he advises Tyrus that the Tome can be kept with Metellus for safe keeping until the party return from their imminent sojourn. With this business resolved, Abbas takes his leave of the two scholars and returns back to the Eloi House, stopping by the ship of Karragas to advise that he and his friends will be accepting the offer of transport.

Meanwhile, Bucephala Clangula, Czerlai, Cassio of Padiha and szletko head back to the Eloi house after dropping off Patch and Solimara at a bath house to clean up the hapless canal drenched rogue. Bucephala actually decides to head to the Hama Encanda to pray to Nerukata for guidance, and also to acquire his first ever Divine magic; his first steps on joining the Priesthood have begun as he stays overnight in prayer and vigil. The others do different things, with Cassio dealing with political and personal missives from Padiha and the 2 Altai doing what comes naturally to them, aided as they are by slave girls and alcohol.

The next morning, the Altai head off bright and early to meet Amikka Zevgenya Ziisk at the enormous encampment of the 17th Legion just outside the city. Two things they were seeking; one was the fabrication of good quality lamellar barding for their horses, and the other was an audience with the Zevgenya Troopers Shaman Szumasz. After meeting with the Shamans Assistants who tell them that the spirits are upon Szumasz for now and he is unsafe to be near, they speak to the sutler and QM of the Zevgenya who says for the low price of 2500 Lara (the cost for the materials alone, and as such friend prices) he can fit their horses with excellent barding similar to that used by Zevgenya cavalry troopers. The Altai decide to wait until later for they lack total funds. At this point they are summoned to meet Szumasz who in typical enigmatic and unsettling Shaman style pulls out from them what they want, principally new Spirits spells and maybe an enchantment or two. His “gift prices” quoted for the enchantment are high but this is to be expected of non tribe members. They advise that they need to sort out their funds and so depart back to the Eloi house to finally broach the subject of reward with Thenaiis who is handling Varediis Eloi’s financial affairs due to his being at the palace for the day.

Bucephala stops briefly at the Eloi house in the morning after Sunrise prayers at the Temple, and, on the look out for a seller of curios and magical treasures, is directed by the ever resourceful Head Servant of the Eloi house to try “Honest Jon’s”, a selective and discrete seller of the unusual based down by a canal in the Three Canals District. The quick and savvy Linus knows the way and leads the Ateliketian to the premises, and inside the cool and fragrant premises, he meets the wheelchair bound figure of Honest Jon. They talk about what Bucephala is seeking, and Bucephala spends a total of 3000 Lara on two items; one is The Red Glove of Strength and the other is Heartguard. He is delighted wit his purchases, but before he leaves the old Sorceror advises him that both he and his friends have been noted by the great and the good for the company they keep and the exploits they have achieved, and also by the great and “not so good”. Nothing specific is named, but the inference is that the party are starting to be noticed by powerful figures and for them to be careful of this. Bucephala thanks him for this and takes his leave back to the Eloi House.

He meets the others for the mid day meal, and there they catch up, with their finding out from Thenaiis that each party member is entitled to 12000 Lara’s worth of favours, aid and services. This fantastic sum immediately opens doors and possibilities for the heroes, and is a measure of the esteem that the Eloi hold them in. With their day and hour of departure fast approaching, every Ame, Lara and Gritha will come in handy in being prepared for their perilous journey…


We meet with the armourer of the Altai regiment, and discuss getting barding for the horses. It’s not cheap, but seems well worth it. After all, where would an Altai be without his horse?

I know shaman are weird, but this one is a step further. However, after a bit of wrangling about what we want and what he can do, we get some ideas (and prices). Now just to raise the money…

We go back to Varedis’ house, unsure how to broach the subject of receiving reward money. But that soon gets sorted, and we get much much more than we imagined. Great! Now to spend it…


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